Tampere Pentecostal Church International ministry

We are a modern and multigenerational church with missions and small groups central to our ministry.

Welcome to Tampere Pentecostal Church

Tampere Pentecostal Church is located in the heart of Finland’s second largest city. We are a modern and multigenerational church, one hundred years old this year, with a rich history in missions around the globe. Small groups are central to our ministry. Our international congregation English Service gathers on Sundays at 5 pm. Interpretation into English and Children’s ministry are available at our 11 am Sunday Morning Services and 5 pm Sunday Evening Services.

Though the meetings are held in Finnish, our Student ministry and Youth ministry and Teen gatherings welcome international guests too. We also have weekly Fellowships in Arabic and Dari/Farsi and a Chinese Bible Group that gathers every two weeks.

You can follow us on Facebook where you can also find content in English.


Due to the pandemic we have some changes to our meetings. Read more here.

English Service

Every Sunday at 5 pm in Downstairs hall.

Home away from home. Communion every last ES meeting of the month. Joint service with Finnish Evening Service (Iltakirkko) every month. English cell groups (small groups) gather once a week or every other week.

Englanninkielinen jumalanpalvelus

Joka sunnuntai klo 17.00 Alasalissa.

Ehtoolinen kuukauden viimeisessä jumalanpalveluksessa. Yhteinen jumalanpalvelus Iltakirkon kanssa kuukausittain. Englanninkieliset solut eli pienryhmät kokoontuvat viikon tai kahden välein.


Interpretation will be provided only in church.

Morning Service

On Sunday at 11 am
Interpretation into English, Chinese, French and Russian, often available. The contact numbers and headsets are available at the back of the left side entrance to the main hall.

Evening Service (Iltakirkko)

On Sunday at 5 pm
Interpretation into English, Arabic and Persian. Headsets are available at the back of the left side entrance to the main hall.


Tulkkaus vain seurakunnalla.


Sunnuntaisin klo 11.00
Tulkkaus usein saatavana englanniksi, kiinaksi, ranskaksi ja venäjäksi. Yhteystiedot ja kuulokkeet saatavana tulkkauskopilta pääsalin takaosasta vasemmanpuoleisen sisäänkäynnin kohdalta.


Sunnuntaisin klo 17.00
Tulkkaus saatavilla englanniksi, arabiaksi ja farsiksi. Kuulokkeet saatavana tulkkauskopilta pääsalin takaosasta vasemmanpuoleisen sisäänkäynnin kohdalta.



Our church is comprised of people who love Jesus. Our relationships with other believers form the most important breeding ground of our life. Through a genuine and honest connection we reveal the existence of God to this world.

Foundations of Faith Course

Build a solid base for your faith!

The course is in English, and is open for everyone.

Course teacher Simo Kahri

Course fee 10 euros

Spring course 2022
Saturday January 22 at 3.30 pm
Tursday January 27 at 6 pm
Saturday February 5 at 3.30 pm
Thursday February 10 at 6pm
Saturday February 19 at 3.30 pm
Thursday February 24 at 6pm

Course location
Online and/or at Tampere Pentecostal Church (Aleksanterinkatu 18, Tampere)

More info
Kathryn Rannikko kathryn[@]rannikko.fi



The church is a family that consists of different kinds of people who are joined together by Christ.

The church is an exceptional place in society. It is a place where people from different backgrounds, age groups, cultures, nationalities and social classes come together as one family that is united by God’s love.

The church consists of ordinary people, of people like you and me. We are the church. You are most welcome to join us!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tampere Pentecostal Church in 2021, we shared what our members think about church, faith and life.


Arabic Fellowship

On Wednesday at 5 pm

نود إبلاغكم أيضا أن الكنيسة الخمسينية تعقد
اجتماعات لتعليم الإنجيل باللغة
العربية في أيام الأحد
من الساعة الثالثة إلى الساعة الخامسة ١٥-١٧
أهلاً وسهلاً بكم

Farsi and Dari Fellowship

On Friday at 5 pm

جلسات آموزشی کتاب مقدس به زبانهای دری و فارسی جمعه ها در ساعت ۱۷.۰۰ عصر برگزار می گردد .
مقدم همه ی شما را گرامی میداریم.

Chinese Bible Group

On Sunday at 2 pm (every other week)


Head of International ministry / Kansainvälisen työn johtaja:
Lea Raittila
0400 479 357